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Clinical Lighting
Bright halogen. Brilliant xenon.Luminous LED

The latest LED technology allows colour temperature adjustment coupled with zero heat output, and long life. Systems may be supplied with battery backup units, integrated into our control panels, or supplied as a standalone unit as required.

Clinical Pendants
Fully confi gurable. Infi nitely variable.

 Our range of innovative clinical pendants ensures a signifi cantly safer and more organised treatment environment for patients and staff. Our expertly designed, precision engineered modular pendant systems allow an almost infi nite confi guration of outlets, equipment, devices and accessories to be specifi ed. They are simple to operate, reliable and easy to clean, ensuring rapid service integration with minimal training and/or maintenance, and high levels of hygiene.

Our comprehensive range of high quality accessories satisfi es the most demanding of requirements. It provides a safe, stable and uniquely featured platform for medical equipment in the most challenging clinical workspaces. For a detailed accessory list please refer to the Accessories and Options product catalogue..

Electrically assured. Completely monitored.

As recognised industry experts in electrical supply in medical areas, at Starkstrom we know that a well designed Isolated Power Supply (IPS) system and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides safe, reliable and resilient electrical power for patients and clinical staff in high care clinical locations.

Several international and UK standards, including IEC 60354-7-710, HTM06-01 and MEIGaN, require that IPS and UPS systems are used for electrical supply circuits feeding medical electrical lifesupport equipment, or in areas where intra-cardiac procedures are performed, such as operating rooms, intensive care departments and interventional imaging rooms.

Along with our extensive range of Earth Reference Bars (ERB) and MEIGaN blue sockets, Starkstrom’s unrivalled knowledge, experience and equipment in structured MEIGaN earthing and equipotential bonding allows an often overlooked and misunderstood area of electrical safety to be designed and installed correctly.

Operating Room Control Panel
Perfectly interfaced. Clearly presented

 Starkstrom manufactures some of the highest specifi cation control panels available today. We developed an electronic touch screen membrane operating room control panel (eTCP) to reduce the possibility of hospital acquired infection (HAI) and bring a modern look and feel to the surgical room

Panels are designed and made specifi cally for each project, and may integrate ventilation controls and indication, medical gas and AGSS alarms, power supply alarms, operating lights and battery back-up controls, general lighting and illuminated signs controls, laser interlocking systems, UCV controls, fi re alarms, etc. Screens are available in a number of different sizes.

In addition to the eTCP, we also offer:

  • wTCP – Membrane type panel using pushbuttons and indicators (rather than a touch screen) as its primary user interface behind an infection control friendly IP65 polyester membrane overlay
  • sTCP – Standard stainless steel operating room control panel
  • hTCP – Hybrid operating room control panel: an sTCP that can contain an IPS system, a PACS system, or even a Touch Screen

PACS Viewing Stations
Picture archiving. Communication system

Starkstrom has developed PACS viewing stations specifi cally designed for operating room use. Designed to overcome potential infection control issues, to create more space and to present surgeons with a modern and effective way to view PACS information, our workstations provide unparalleled performance in fl exible confi gurations.

The wPACS is designed to allow single and twin screen PACS viewing stations to be fl ush mounted into the wall of an operating room. The screen size can be specifi ed according to your requirements and the unit also features a wipe clean keyboard and mouse for easy disinfection and cleaning.

Ultra Clean ventilation

The effective operation of a UCV system is wholly reliant on the regular maintenance of the entire supply HVAC system from inlet to exhaust. Should any part of the system, whether AHU, fi lters, ductwork, dampers, heaters or chillers, fail or operate sub-optimally, then the UCV’s ability to provide clean air will be compromised.

As part of an integrated and complete package of operating room infrastructure. We ensure that the operating lights, operating table, medical service pendants and operating room control panel all coordinate and interface seamlessly with the UCV canopy.

A new era of digital operating room solutions tomorrows technology available today.

To meet operating room requirements for consulting and teaching, Starkstrom has created VisionOR, the defi nitive future-proof audiovisual solution.

Starkstrom’s VisionOR is a customised control, audio visual and communications solution, offering a comprehensive range of products and services.

Designed specifi cally for use in the operating room VisionOR connects seamlessly to existing IT networks and transmits audio and video from the operating room to anyone with a suitable PC and authorised access to the hospital network.

Live two-way audio allows staff in the operating room to communicate with their audience, while multiple concurrent video streams allow the audience to select which camera feed(s) to watch.

The streaming module opens up completely new avenues in support of surgical interventions.

VisionOR can allow future-proofi ng of all operating rooms with a generic AV infrastructure and the fl exibility for any operating room to be utilised as a digital operating room, regardless of endoscopic manufacturer or surgical discipline.

From fully integrated audiovisual systems to operating room video screens or pendant mounted AV connectors, Starkstrom can offer expert AV advice and the perfect solution for every application.

Operating Tables
Ergonomically excellent. Entirely versatile

We are the sole UK distributor for the Merivaara range of operating tables suitable for different types of hospitals and surgical procedure needs. The range includes:.

Practico is a mobile, modular, electro mechanical operating table fulfi lling a wide range of surgical procedures, especially suited for general and day surgery e.g shoulder surgery/ENT/gynaecology/ urology and general surgery requirements

Promerix is a heavy duty electro-hydraulic operating table, the choice for hospitals and health clinics capable of a wide range of surgical procedures – offering full length C Arm access – with a 450mm traversing top, modular/carbon fi bre sections available, along with a motorized “5th Wheel” option for reduced moving and handling.

Rapido is a lightweight and easy-to-use operating trolley for the busy day surgery unit. It is a patient trolley, operating table and recovery chair all in one unit. The Rapido helps increase patient safety and cost-effi ciency in any day surgery clinic, reducing moving and handling and increasing patient care