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Products - METRO

Point-of-care Computing

Metro’s workstations offer a modular design that accommodates upgrades to monitors, power systems, storage and other technology components, allowing hospitals to leverage existing workstations to support new applications — everything from basic EMR functionality to more sophisticated telehealth capabilities.



Minimize the strain on clinicians with our lightweight design that promotes ultimate mobility.


Our compact mobile workstations are easy-tomaneuver through hallways and around the bedside.



Workstations can be upgraded with ease or adapted to any procedure required. Just add accessories or upgrade power options.



Designed to fit your work style, our advanced workstations are ergonomically adjustable for your long work day or procedure.

Medication Management

The SecureRx Med Module features a system of individually locking bins that allow clinicians to simply secure and access medications for up to 12 patients — ensuring accurate and efficient delivery while increasing the time spent at the bedside. Metro offers multiple locking options and drawer configurations, with secondary locking for controlled substances. The new solution can also be easily retrofit to most Metro Flo series mobile computing products. 

Computerized Medication

The Lionville Series i800 & i600 medication carts provide a wide assortment of drawer configurations and an extensive range of accessories that can be customized to meet the current and future storage and medication management requirements of any nursing unit. Configured to combine the security features of a full size medication cart with the time-saving efficiency of mobile computing, the Lionville Series i800 & i600 delivers.


  • Integrated power supply with cart top LED battery status indicators
  • Keypad or card reader unlocking and an automatic relocking security
  • Multiple drawer arrangements with a secure technology compartment
  • Accommodates various pharmacy distribution methods, such as cassette exchange, robot filled envelopes or direct drawer fill.
  • Barcode medication administration (BCMA) support
  • Access to facility’s clinical information systems
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) integration


Our software is user-friendly, allowing for faster clinician adoption and a smoother implementation process. The base units and auxiliary cabinets are highly flexible and easily configurable for specific needs & facilities. Simplicity. It’s indispensable.


The MedDispense series offers a cost-effective solution to the challenges of providing secure, around-the-clock access to medications. Our system delivers industry leading reliability at a fraction of the cost of other more complicated systems.


Another advantage of the Metro system is our high level of support during installation and quality service by U.S. technicians on call 24/7. With Metro, the process does not end with the sale. We support you and make sure the system is working flawlessly during and after installation

Lionville Series Pharmacy Fixtures...

Sharing years of industry-leading medication management expertise, Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures offer turnkey pharmacy storage solutions that are specifically designed for every area of your pharmacy. Lionville pharmacy fixtures meet your storage needs and maximize efficiency for unit dose, order entry, sterile prep, and many other important areas throughout your facility. In addition, our planning consultants offer design expertise and a full understanding of how to make your pharmacy’s workflow run more efficiently.

Enclosed storage, transport systems & work Stations
The Starsys Modular System creates flexible space

No matter what you need — open, closed, short, tall, mobile, stationary elements, preconfigured WorkCenters or carts . . . Starsys has the elements for you. With Starsys, you choose from an array of modular units to fit the space and work specifications. It’s that easy

Starsys Benefits:

  • Flexibility to design a storage solution to meet your needs.
  • Corrosion-proof polymer components for a contamination-free product.
  • Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria on Starsys, keeping the surface areas “cleaner between cleanings.”
  • Facilitates fast, efficient product installation.
  • The ability to reconfigure unit design.
  • The ability to easily reconfigure your furniture layout as needs change.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean, polymer enclosures that won’t chip, dent or rust ever.
  • Rigid aluminum and epoxy-coated metal substructure combined with advanced polymers provides a robust stable work environment for even the most sensitive equipment.
  • A high level of organization with easy access to supplies.
  • Greater storage density in a smaller footprint.



Advanced polymer construction, rounded corners and Microban antimicrobial product protection help maintain a cleaner cart to improve infection control.

A. Lightweight polymer construction, ergonomic handle and proprietary 5th-wheel steering system assures maximum control in transit and maneuverability during a code.

B. Tilt out side bins, top storage compartment and drawers provide simultaneous access to multiple stored products.

C. Cord management and restraint system keeps cords neatly organized and protects equipment from accidental damage.

D. Strapless defibrillator platform adjusts to accommodate various defibrillators.

E. Swingarm positions defibrillator closer to the patient; clears top work area.

F. Recessed top storage with a clear removable cover provides instant access to first line meds or airway equipment without impeding access to drawers.

G. Convenience features include an extendable I.V. Pole, O2 Tank Storage, Suction Pump Shelf, Glove Box Holder, Lockable Sharps Container, Hospital Grade Outlet Strip, Cord Management, Trays & Dividers.

H. Full extension drawers have self-closing ball bearing slides to provide easy access to medications and supplies. (Drawer depths: 3", 6", 9",12")

I. Lock mechanism secures top compartment, drawers and side bins and can be sealed in segments or one seal secures all.

J. Backboard can be mounted to the front or back of the cart.

K. Two brake casters positioned in the front of the cart to provide stability.

Storage System

Longer-Life Durability and Performance: Corrosion proof MetroMax i® has an innovative polymer design and the performance of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. MetroMax Q® has an advanced polymer and epoxy coated steel design that offers superior performance versus wire shelving. All shelves hold as much weight as wire shelves, but also offer protective polymer surfaces for long life and easily removable shelf mats that can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of wire.

Wire and solid Shelving Solutions